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I've been big time greifed

posted Sep 23, 2012 03:13:28 by dudeman71213
Today (The day I'm posting this) is Saturday, september 22nd. SO I left the server on either wednesday or thursday, and I haven't been on since. When I log in today, somebody greifed me. My house was in teh middle of the ocean, and now all thats left is a crater. I had a small, unintrusive house, and nobody was bothered by it. My chests were private and it was all fine and dandy. I didn't think I had enemies.

I log in today, and fall down a bit, in water. My home is gone. My basement is gone. My CHESTS are gone.

I had a farm and many other goodies. My chest of goodies contained 5 and a half stacks of diamonds, a stack of diamond ore, 1 stack of iron ore and 1 stack of iron block. It also had my silk touch + efficiency IV pick, and my efficiency IV + Fortune III pick. I don't really care about the lapis or redstone I had.

I had multiple stack of wood and plant matter, and I had a farm downstairs. THis farm had wheat, melon and pumpkins, reeds, and cocoa beans in it. One floor below that was my enchanting room, with full bookshelves and everything.

This thing that really has me upset, is taht my friends house was but a mere enderpearl's throw away. My friend is Sediaz. He is a nice guy, and I do not suspect him at all. He lives with Blake, and I don't know how much I trust blake. Also, blake often invite's people over. Aggggg.

SO honestly, I just wanna know why. What did I do to anyone? I am a kindhearted person. I would hope that an admin would be kind enough to roll back my area, if possible.

Oh, and Serial, when are you going to MOD me? YOu said a bit ago taht you would after I finished the shop - and then there was a map reset. Please do it sooooooon :)

Thanks to all who read this and understand my frustration with this cold, cold world. Thank you

EDIT: I talked to Sediaz, and he told me that Blake was the one who did it. WHo destroyed what was left of me. Admins, I plead you. Either band Blake or roll back my stuff. If you roll it back, I will forgive and forget. If you can't or don't, I kindly ask you to remove Blake from the server.
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dudeman71213 said Sep 23, 2012 03:53:58
I have a video of me explaining it and showing the chat - sorry for my raspy voice
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