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Website Question

posted Jul 09, 2012 21:14:58 by Epicmanga
Hey, Ravage, Serial, or Jack, so, I have noticed that nobody has updated the site for a while. So, to help, I want to help work on the site somehow. Maybe, once I have my site up and running, can you make a link to it so that I can update it. Maybe have a server FAQ, a more updated news page, a plugin suggestion page, and some more things. So, If any of you want to say yes or no, Email me at if there is a link in that site name, ignore it. The site is really old, like when I was 5 or something. So, again, respond and if you agree, add in suggestions about what to put in it, if no, just Email me saying no. So, yeah. Oh, and, every time a new minecraft snapshot comes out, I will be offline for a while, testing things and stuff. Cya man!
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