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Restoring my items?

posted Jun 11, 2012 21:18:46 by Domdedom
Hi, my minecraft player name is Domdedom and I have seen your new change but i really want my items back because it took me ages to get them. What i had was 3 stacks of Diamond, some wood, 2 beds, a stack of coal, golden apples (don't care about the amount), cooked stake, lapis lazuli blocks (2), sand, enchanting table, 2 book shelfs and that's about it but there are some other things, but it doesn't matter. If it is possible please can i have these items back.

Regard - Domdedom
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Epicmanga said Jul 10, 2012 16:31:43
If you can get on while I'm on, I will restore them.
Domdedom said Jul 11, 2012 22:04:31
Cool, cheers man
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