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Application for admin ~Epicmandude1768

posted Jun 10, 2012 19:38:08 by Epicmanga
So, ravage said that you need more staff, and said to post an application for admin.
So, here it is

I have helped Serial many times, such as building the basic map for the mob arena, or offering to help with the new world's origional spawn (now the pvp tourney arena) but said it wouldnt help much.

I would use, not abuse. I would help people. I HAVE helped serial, and will even more. I can have more fun on the game :)

I would use it correctly and will not abuse it. I would use this rank for a chance to help out more im serialcraft and i will use it to build projects serial lets me, and other problems that the general players need help with (ex. griefing, hacking players, and stealing). I find the opportunity to get admin a major gamechanging chance, for me, and other players.

So, again, i will use it correctly, i have, and will continue to help Serial, it's helpful to everyone, and it will be more fun, as i might add.
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