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Possible new staff member?

posted Jun 09, 2012 19:06:05 by dudeman71213
Hey Ravange, J4ck, K1ng, Serial, and others,

My name is Jason or dudeman71213, and I would like to apply to become a Staff Member here at SerialFun. I have been enjoying the server and would love to help out as a Staff member, as a moderator or an admin.

I want to be clear with you that I am not demanding a rank, and I am not going to be angry if I don't become a Staff member. I would just like to help out. If i am not accepted, I will still happily enjoy the server as a Builder.

Here is a little more about me:

- My IGN is dudeman71213
- My real name is Jason Macavoy, if you need that or prefer to call me that
- I have been a Staff member on other servers before
- I used to own a server myself, so I understand the concepts of what being a Staff member means
- I do not greif
- I live in Vancouver BC Canada, so my time zone might be different from any of yours

I also have a Skype account if you wish to contact me. Feel free to email me at or message me on Skype. My Skype name is... you guessed it... dudeman71213

Thank you for your time and your great server. I enjoy play on it.

- Jason/dudeman71213
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