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Aiden was using hacks help!!!

posted Jun 06, 2012 11:29:33 by Domdedom
so i was in my house today building and aiden tpa'd to me. i accepted it outside and then went in my house. He kept saying let me see your house. I knew he was going to kill me because he has full diamond weapons. So i refused to let him in. My house was protected by a lapis lazuli block. So there was no way he could come in. He stood on my roof and then came into my house and killed me. I was near spawn when he finally admitted that he had used a hack. I have evidence that he said it (screenshot). I then looked on your rules and it said no hacks. This is totally unfair. I know as a owner of my own server i want a good repetition. but think about it. If you was on a server that didn't allow hacks and yet you built an awesome building and someone hacked into your building and killed you and refused to get out. You would be angry. I'm afraid that he may go into my chests and steel everything I have. Please could you do something about this. Thanks. (Minecraft name - Domdedom)
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Domdedom said Jun 07, 2012 20:04:55
oh well, thanks for the reply, at least i'm not the only one
avatar said Jun 08, 2012 00:45:21
put the screenshot in please
Domdedom said Jun 08, 2012 22:27:29
I have sent you an email of the screenshot on your Hope this helps
dudeman71213 said Jun 19, 2012 01:10:42
Aiden is a nice guy.. There is no reason to overreact. He is a player, just like us and we should repeat that he is an admin. If he hacked, it is okay because he is an admin. If he really did kill you, then i'm sure there was a good reason. THink, did you piss him off? did you abuse the system or break the rules yourself? Did you caps rage? Those are all good reasons that he may have killed you. i know aides, and he won't steal your stuff. he's a nice guy.

so basically what I'm saying is calm the hell down bro. What i can tell from what you've posted is: You and him had an altercation (fight for all you less educated members.... ahem) and you lost. Plain and simple. The rules state He doesn't have to give you your stuff back, so leave well enough alone.
Epicmanga said Jul 11, 2012 14:32:56
1, WRONG FORUM! 2, DELETE THIS 3, I FIXED IT MAN! 4,DELETE! NOW! 5, i dont care if aiden annoies u.
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