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posted May 21, 2012 18:52:51 by CharlieJamesTennant
Hi I'm chazat123 and I got banned from this server over 2 months ago for apparent Griefing! I was in no way doing that! look on your Hawkeye Please I beg to come back on this server I check every day to come back on and really enjoy Serial Craft whatever was apparently griefed I can fix it or whatever I'll do anything to get back on the server. Please!
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Epicmanga said Jun 11, 2012 00:47:24
O.K., so, all that you have to do is post a ban appeal at the area it sais to go to. if you are giving good reasons, you MAY be let back in.
CharlieJamesTennant said Jun 11, 2012 21:04:43
Oh I'm back on now. Serial Allowed me I spoke to him.
Epicmanga said Jul 10, 2012 16:32:24
Please Delete this with the actions then click delete.
CharlieJamesTennant said Jul 10, 2012 19:36:23
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